Orgone Uncovered


In the 1950’s Wilhelm Reich, a physician and student of Sigmund Freud, coined the phrase ‘Orgone’ energy and described it as the ‘life force energy expressed as sexual energy’. Freud had already developed the idea of ‘Libidinal’ energy, a word he borrowed from the Latin meaning ‘lust’ or ‘desire’ and described this energy as a ‘psychic field’. Orgone energy is literally a bio-electric ‘sexual charge’ and unwitting individuals have become enamored with this energy over the last few decades, unaware of the force with which they are dabbling. In this book by Dr. Scott McQuate, you can now learn, for the first time ever, the two never-before-seen ancient terms that are inherent to orgone energy and why their meanings have been concealed from the masses for literally thousands of years. Discover the real purpose of this energy, the true source from which it was stolen, why secret societies worship it and why it was vehemently warned about by the figure ‘Jesus’ in concealed passages within the Bible. Learn the truth about mysterious Orgone energy that you will find nowhere else on the planet in this fascinating work by Dr. Scott McQuate.

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