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Paxeon Publishing is the exclusive provider of the powerful End Time Theological literary works of Dr. Scott McQuate. Dr. McQuate’s research is some of the finest and most unique that we have found in the world when it comes to answering the deep questions to life’s mysteries including Bible prophecy and now Dr. McQuate’s body of work is available to you.
Many have sought answers to life’s questions by way of religion, educational systems, metaphysical philosophies or even by aligning themselves with more clandestine organizations such as Freemasonry and the like; and have found themselves left with more questions still.

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Dr. Scott McQuate teaches that the reasons that even the most illustrious of these traditional paths do not provide viable answers to humanity’s deepest questions, is because the ones who have made those paths widely available, have acquired the answers they provide in the wrong way and therefore, approach the puzzle of truth from an inaccurate perspective, producing in turn, a skewed set of answers. Furthermore, as Dr. McQuate has proven hundreds of times, the religious, scientific and political powers-that-be, beginning thousands of years ago, have also gone to great lengths to hide the truth from you by teaching authorized curriculum and doctrines, instead. Dr. Scott McQuate has shown that those who embrace the traditional philosophies, whether they be religious, esoteric, metaphysical or otherwise, find themselves in endless ‘search mode’, amidst a fragmented system and at odds with the truth; and this is precisely the intention of those who have ruled the world for thousands of years.

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You Will Know The Truth That Has Been Hidden

The world is full of mystery but learning how to uncover the crucial clues that allow us to understand those all-important mysteries, is extremely difficult. Even when we understand how to go about lifting the veil of secrecy, the process is extraordinarily arduous and time-consuming. By reading Dr. McQuate’s books you will learn the proven methods he reveals for sleuthing out the truth and will obtain long-forgotten answers that have been intentionally hidden from the world for thousands of years; and this is when life gets very exciting!


Dr. Scott McQuate is an internationally-acclaimed author & lecturer known around the world for his research into ancient texts. He has been the featured guest on dozens of radio shows and has taught thousands of individuals from all around the world.


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Author Bio

Dr. Scott McQuate

Dr. Scott McQuate initially attended Mt. Vernon Nazarene University prior to graduating from Asbury College where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. From there he attended Ashland Theological Seminary before completing his Master’s Degree in Scriptural Psychology from Midwest Theological Seminary.
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