The Reaping


In the 1800’s, an Evangelist by the name of Darby coined the phrase ‘The Rapture’. Since that time, there have been numerous books written and many doctrines that have been manufactured to explain this highly-misunderstood and highly-interesting event, such as the Pre-Tribulation rapture doctrine and others. But the questions surrounding this event, spoken of in the book of Matthew and elsewhere, are still many. Is The Reaping a real event? If so, what will happen? Who will be effected by this Harvest and how will they be effected? Does the Bible really support this doctrine? Is The Reaping the same as The Rapture? In The Reaping, Dr. McQuate not only teaches you the truth about these events while providing answers that you will find nowhere else on the planet, but also provides the ancient background for these epic occurrences and what they have to do with your DNA. The Reaping, much like most of the others stories in the Bible, has a more ancient origin, and just like those other stories, the story of this Harvest, what it truly is, when it will occur and how it will come about has been covered by layers of language to hide the truth for millennia. You will be astonished when you read Dr. McQuate’s detailed analysis of this event. This is an incredible, non-doctrinal, non-fictional journey that you will not want to miss.

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