Name Changes In The Bible & The Sacred Spiral Of The Ark


To quote Shakespeare, ‘What’s in a name?’ The answer? According to the extraordinary Biblical research of Dr. Scott McQuate, much more than meets the eye. Throughout the Bible it was a common occurrence for a person’s name to be changed by ‘The Lord’. Abram’s name was changed to Abraham, Sarai’s name was changed to Sarah, Jacob’s name was changed to Israel and so on. Traditionally it has been taught by Pastors and Theologians that this was a way for the writers of the Bible to indicate that a personal encounter with ‘The Lord’ brought about a positive change in character. In the book Name Changes In The Bible & The Sacred Spiral Of The Ark, Dr. Scott McQuate exposes the deeper and much more sinister meaning behind this recurring theme of name changes. In this book you will learn of the secret stone with which man was made, the connection of that stone with the word ‘alias’, what man actually created souls in the Bible and what mysterious object was used for that purpose, how the change that took place within individuals was actually of a genetic nature and how this change, even today, many generations later is inextricably linked to the Ark of the Covenant. Read these fascinating discoveries by Dr. Scott McQuate and prepare to have your eyes opened like never before now, in these End Times.

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