The Red Dragon and the Sheep

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Setting the new standard for gaining insight into texts once relegated to the dust bin of antiquity, The Red Dragon and the Sheep brings a new and refreshing understanding of the age-old secrets hidden within the ancient Cuneiform language; and explains how these secrets have been intentionally concealed by the authors of the Bible. These mysterious and precious hidden gems, excavated from beneath codes and symbols never before understood by the scholars and theologians of our day, are now yours for the taking. Dr. Scott McQuate’s new research into ancient texts, including the Bible continues to provide mind-blowing answers to many ancient secrets, heretofore unanswered. Never before released to the public, the information you will find within these pages will truly give you the keys to unlock the answers to mysteries of which only a handful of the world’s elite are even aware. Prepare to discover the truth of an ancient mystery, foretelling of imminent events of epic proportions. Answers to the Great Pyramid, the Ark of the Covenant, UFO’s, shrouded ancient genetic symbolism and more are now available. Learn secrets hidden for millennia and discover the secret connections of which no other scholar is aware.

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3 reviews for The Red Dragon and the Sheep

  1. Chris

    This is my favorite book and the reason’s I say this are many, this book has effected me on a personal and Spiritual level and I am so thankful on how the Father has brought me to this awakening and crucial point in my life and showed me the Truth. This is the book that Dr. McQuate gave to me when I personally met him, before the start of the Planet X Conference prior to this conference I knew nothing about this man or his research so it was truly a divine intervention by the Creator. I went to this this conference to listen to many different speakers specifically John Moore the liberty man who’s information paralleled this book with the soon coming cataclysyms that the Planet X, Nibiru,Nemesis Wormwood System will cause on a Global scale. This book was so intriguing it was like food for the soul and I devoured it standing on the back wall at the conference. This book gave me the answers that I was missing having grown up with a christian background and knowing that as a kid something was not right in those teachings this book clarified what my Spirit has always felt and I now know the Truth of who my Creator is and why He is Returning. This book is a quick read and covers all of the basics such as the Anunnaki,DNA,The Ark of the Covenant,The Tetragrammaton,The Mark of the Beast,The Host,Sin,Repentance, The Planet Saturn and much more. Personally I have handed out many copies of this book and it is a nice blueprint with illustrations and diagrams showing the true meaning of the stories in biblical narrative when broken down into the logograms of the cuneiform. The cover of this book is very appealing and with the Upcoming approach and Flyby of Nibiru this book will provide you with the crucial information needed to make the right decision which will set the soul free from the chains of DNA that it currently resides in.(6)(5) Genesis 49:17.

  2. Michael C

    This book will blow ur mind. A fantastic read for anyone who reads it.

  3. pamela1cam

    Awesome book! I highly recommend you order this book with its DVD. Dr. McQuate breaks down the traditional church teachings with the Cunniform to show you what the teachings really mean. You can’t read the Bible and take it literally. 2 Timothy 2:15 says to rightly divide the word of God. This is what Dr. McQuate does going all the way back to the beginning with the Cunniform. Dr. McQuate will show you what the Bible really means. No other theologian does this! Buy this book! Buy all of his books and DVD’s’S to get the best benefit for your soul! We’ve all been deceived and now is the time for The Truth!

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