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There are many everyday symbols in our world that hold very deep meaning that is unknown by the masses. These symbols also hold power that enables those who know their true meaning to rule over the world. Entire countries wield their power based on the supernatural strength that these symbols grant them. Gaining knowledge of the deeper meaning held by these global icons also enables those who are under their control to break free from their grip. The origin of this web of symbolic control is scattered throughout the Bible and corroborated by ancient texts predating that book. In Pyranosis (Pie-Ran-Osis): Forbidden Secrets Of Genetics, Israel, Eden And The Great Pyramid Revealed, Dr. Scott McQuate eloquently exposes what has been covered up for thousands of years and the true meaning of many everyday cultural and nationalistic emblems and much, much more. You will be shocked at the common thread that these icons represent as well as the ancient, secret entity who has woven them together, beneath the noses of the unwitting masses. Discover the forbidden secrets, hidden since the foundation of the world, that expose the true borders of Israel, the location of the Garden in Eden the mystery of human genetics, the shocking maker of man and so much more, hidden within the pages of the Bible in Pyranosis by Dr. Scott McQuate. This is an exhilarating book and 4-CD set that you will take your learning and understanding of the Bible to an entirely new level.

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2 reviews for Pyranosis

  1. Brandon

    When I found Dr. McQuates research, I knew I was reading and understanding truths that my eyes and ears had already seen, but couldnt put into words. After reading the Tribulation and Blueprint for Bondage, I chose Pyranosis as my next read. Dr. McQuate has been able to solve many of the riddles in our modern languages by looking for ancient answers like Jesus told is to do ( “see and ask for the for the old paths, where is the good way, and ye shall find rest for your souls”). Wheather its the pyramids connection to Saturn, the many shrouded parables spoken by Jesus, or all of the symbolism that pervades the ruling societies today, Dr. McQuate has uncovered and shared so many mind blowing details, hidden within the cuneiform, in this book in particular. I can atest that these truths have been medicine to my soul and I am ever thankful to have found it!

  2. Truth seeker

    Pyranosis is a must read. This book will take you on a mind bending journey to the middle east . Their is so many gems to uncover from hidden boundaries of Israeli border and what they hide. To out of this world information about Saturn and who hides behind that name. The hexagon on saturn and its connection to the phosphate molecule and are very own DNA.

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