Christianity vs. Islam: The End Time Dialectic Exposed

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We live in a world that is full of dichotomies. Everywhere we look we see the duplicitous nature of things in everyday life. We see it in our politics with the bantering back and forth between Democrats and Republicans. We see it in the financial world with the ebb and flow of commerce. We see it in personal relationships in the duality of the sexes. We see it on a global scale with the perpetual cycle of wars between two nations; and this theme of duplicity has never been more noticeable in these End Times, than in the religious world, specifically between the two major End Time religions of Christianity and Islam. Interestingly, we also see this two-sided schema in human double-helix DNA, which begs this question: Is this ever-present dichotomy part of the true Creator’s plan or is it possible that it is a construct in our world that has been manufactured by those who want to mimic the Creator, here on earth and use this two-sided schema to rule over humanity? What you will learn in Christianity vs. Islam: The End Time Dialectic Exposed will both entertain and shock you and will take your understanding of both God and the world in which you live to new heights. Get ready to learn what the world has never known before and what you will never hear from any other source on the planet .

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2 reviews for Christianity vs. Islam: The End Time Dialectic Exposed

  1. Michael C

    This book is a must read. The information is shocking but is 100% irrefutable and makes perfect sense.

  2. Truth seeker

    OMG, The information in this book is all 100% irrefutable and can be proven beyond any shadow of doubt. This book is life changeing and everyone especially Christians needs to read it today. Quite possibly the most important book I’ve ever read it’s a mind bender read it now.

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