The Parable Of The Fig Tree Explained

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In Matthew 24, the Disciples ask Esu (‘Jesus’) what will be the sign of the end of the world? Esu tells them a parable of the Fig Tree, but the true meaning of the Fig Tree has never been explained…until now. You are about to discover the fascinating hidden meaning behind the prophetic parable of the ‘Fig Free’, as exposed for the first time during our history in this book by Dr. Scott McQuate. Learn how this Bible prophecy of Jesus, unbeknownst to Pastors and Theologians, is secretly being fulfilled right now and is a prophetic sign of what is called in the Bible the End of the World. Learn how this sign is related to Ezekiel’s Wheels, The Burning Bush of Moses, your DNA and the Abomination of Desolation… which is already sitting in the holy place! Learn the secret meaning of the Prophecy of the Parable of the Fig Tree that has been hidden for thousands of years when you read this never-before-seen explanation of the most important prophecy for our time!

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1 review for The Parable Of The Fig Tree Explained

  1. Linda Cooper

    AWESOME book LOADED with so much hidden knowledge I would have never known and the world has no clue and is crucial to know and understand . I am so blessed to have found Doctor McQuates works!!!
    A++++++ 👏

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