Secrets of the sign of jonah

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For more than two thousand years, billions of people from all walks of life have looked to the heavens, hoping for the long-awaited return of Christ; and there has been much speculation as to when this extraordinary event would take place. But the question is, were the prophesied signs, necessary for Christ’s return, really fulfilled in times past? Jesus told of many portents of His return and the Old Testament foretells of His arrival as well. But the necessary dates and global events have never really fallen in line, previously. Furthermore, the only sign that Jesus said this generation would receive, the Sign of Jonah, has never availed itself, until now; and if you think you know what this sign is, think again. As a fact, what you will learn in this book about the Sign of Jonah, is not available from any other source; and you will be shocked when you learn the truth. From in-depth study of Genesis, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, Matthew, Luke, Revelation and the root of the biblical languages originating in the ancient Cuneiform, Dr. Scott McQuate has uncovered what may be some of the most interesting information you’ve ever read, regarding the long-awaited return of Christ. Within this book you will find fascinating, End Time details that the world has never known and you will glean insight into secrets that have been intentionally hidden for thousands of years. As one example, on pages 89 and 90, by rightly-dividing the Word, Dr. McQuate revealed to the world (in 2017) that venom would be used against the population on Hanukkah. Three years later, the first shot was given on December 14th, 2020…right in the middle of Hanukkah. It was only in 2022 that Doctors and Scientists discovered that there were 15 varieties of snake venom in the shot. This is yet another example of how science always catches up with the Rightly-Divided Word, not vise-versa. Get ready for a fascinating journey into End Time truth and prepare to learn many hidden details that you’ll not find anywhere else. Guaranteed.

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  1. Peggy Foster

    The sign of Jonah was always a mystery to me. Not anymore! Dr. McQuate hit a home run with this one. He really nailed it when he stated that ‘venom would be used against the population on Hanukkah’ (pages 89, 90). I never heard anyone else say a word about that! It was no shock when the first shot was given in the U.S. on December 14th, 2020, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF HANUKKAH! And medical doctors only now, several years after McQuate’s warning, are discovering that there are over 15 types of venom in the shot! And there’s a lot more ‘gold nuggets’ in this book, also. Thank you Dr. McQuate! I’ll be reading all of your books. Your insight blows me away sir!

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